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55 gallon drum tank kit (does not include drum) $149


This is another time and money saving accessory. Since drums are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive, it makes for a convenient way to store liquid. A clean drum usually sells for around 65 dollars. Since reliability of a Diesel generator depends on clean fuel, it is important to have a clean fuel source. If the drum ever gets condensation or algae build up, exchange it for a new one at your local fuel company. Tech tip: If fuel sits too long, use it for something else and get new fuel

for your generator.

DOES NOT INCLUDE filter kit. Shown for display purposes only!

55 gallon drum tank kit


Kit includes everything shown below. Includes approximately 10 feet of premium quality American made 5/16 feed line and approximately 10 feet of 1/4 inch return line. Note all Diesel generators require a return line. This kit can also be used on a smaller drum or tank by simply cutting the pickup tube shorter. It can be used on a larger tank by adding a longer pickup tube. It is standard 3/8 inch NPT. We use high quality components in this kit.


Tank Kit


Always refer to State and local regulation when dealing with fuel. Generator fuel supplies can only be done by a licensed contractor. Using a 55 gallon drum for a fuel tank may not be legal in places other than Baja. It is owners/contractors responsibility to find out prior to purchase. Many states require secondary containment such as a spill basin or double wall UL listed fuel tank. We have double wall UL fuel tanks available.


diesel generator fuel tank kit hook up


Kit includes a handy primer bulb for bleeding the fuel out of the line. Bleed fuel out of the line prior to hook up. Primer bulb is a helpful addition to the kit. Remember a Diesel generator will not run with air in the line. Although most Diesel generators will draw fuel from up to three feet below, gravity feed is more reliable.(Especially if engine sits for extended periods of time)


stage one fuel filter kit on a drum

Shown above with "optional" stage one water separator fuel filter kit. Custom bracket conveniently hooks on top of drum for ease of installation. A very nice addition to the drum kit! Personally I would not run a Diesel generator without Stage 3. These kits make installation easy.


Drum tank kit instructions


Fuel filter kit more info