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Diesel Generator Accessories


We work hard to come up with cost effective solutions and easy installation of Diesel generators accessories. We think you will agree.



The Hardy Diesel ultimate fuel filter kits. We highly recommend a good fuel filter for this or any Diesel generator and these are the best. Made in USA! Each stage has over 366 sq inches of filter surface. Kits include four additional cartridges for each stage as well as a filter wrench. Stage three has a stainless steel screen pre filter that is washable.


Diesel Generator Fuel Filter Kit Details


fuel filter kits



55 gallon fuel tank kit. (DRUM NOT INCLUDED) This handy accessory includes everything necessary to convert a standard 55 gallon drum into a professional fuel tank (Shown below with Hardy ultimate stage one fuel filter kit.) Drum tank kit includes Vent, double tap busing, pickup tube, 12 feet of USA 5/16 fuel line, 12 feet of USA 1/4 return line, six hose clamps, brass nipples, bushings and US made primer bulb. Does not include actual drum or fuel filter kit. Nice thing about the kit is 55 gallon drums are readily available for around $35 when one drum gets about 2/3 empty have a full one beside it and simply switch over when needed.


More info Diesel Generator Drum Tank Kit $129.00 Call: 1-800-341-7027


55 gallon drum tank kit



Our super silencer exhaust kit is another time and money saving accessory. Includes everything necessary to do a professional install without a single trip to town. It will drastically reduce the noise levels especially when installing your generator in a shed. This is the kit I wish I had when I installed my first generator. I don't install a Diesel generators below 30kW without one.


More info Diesel Generator Muffler Kit Details $325.00 Call: 1-800-341-7027


super silencer exhaust kit






Below is an illustration of a simple but effective way to contain sound when installing a generator. The most important thing to consider is there should be no direct line of sight in or out of the building. It is important not to restrict the flow of air so no part of either duct should be smaller than the air passage through the radiator. Acoustic foam in these ducts is important.


Diesel generator shed

This shed design is also ideal for


Off grid energy systems



Perkins Engine 500 Hr maintenance kits


Genuine Perkins fuel air and oil filter are the best way to protect your investment.

Each Kit includes One Oil filter, One fuel filter and One air filter. These are enough to do a complete 500 hour service. Stock up and save. 10% discount when ordering more than one.


Perkins Engine maintenance Kits
Item kW Engine Price




perkins kits