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Diesel Generator Exhaust Kit


Our specially designed and engineered Diesel generator exhaust kit will save you time and money. Many Diesel generators are installed in remote locations. A proper installation usually requires piping the exhaust out of an existing structure. With this kit you have everything you need to do a professional job quickly and easily without the hassle and expense of rounding up all the pieces and parts. The stainless steel braided flex connector and the critical grade muffler alone are worth the price of the kit. Now throw in the specially designed glass pack and all the necessary pieces and parts and it is easy to see the value and usefullness of this kit.


Comes complete with everything seen below.


Diesel generator exhaust kit


$325 Phone: 1-800-341-7027


Below is a typical example of a professional Diesel generator exhaust kit installation. Follow local, state code when installing. Only qualified individuals should atempt to install a Diesel generator.


Diesel generator exhaust kit example