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Diesel Generators 120-250kW





Perkins three phase 140-175kW. Factory direct! Unheard of pricing on these hand build top of the line Perkins powered Diesel generator sets.


Perkins 140-175kW Diesel Generators



Perkins Diesel generator thumbnail


Item Engine Model Gen Model Price
HDPK-140-3P 1106D-E66TAG2 ECP34-1L/4 $21,274
HDPK-150-3P 1106D-E66TAG3 ECP34-2L/4 $22,394
HDPK-175-3P 1106D-E66TAG4 ECO 38 1SN/4 $24,681
Click on engine and generator model number to view detailed specs.



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John Deere

Hardy Diesel Generators powered by John Deere engine open or enclosed 40-500 kW now available. These are high end, low cost John Deere Diesel generators built in the USA


.John Deere generator thumb nail


Hardy Diesel Generators powered by John Deere engines information click here


Item Engine Model Gen Model Open Enclosed
HDHIJD-130 4045hf285-147 UCI274E $27,828 $32,825
HDHIJD-155 606hf285-177 UCI274F $31,757 $37,014
HDHIJD-205 606hf485-235 UCI274H $36,980 $42,549
HDHIJD-225 6090hf484-258 UCDIJ $44,306 $51,956
Click on engine and generator model number to view detailed specs.





High end Volvo powered rental grade Diesel generators on trailers with enclosure and voltage selector switch.


Volvo 200 kW Diesel gnerator on trailer


Volvo rental grade Diesel Generators



Typically used for industrial back up and construction. Medical buildings, supermarkets small factories to name a few. Can be mounted on sub base fuel tanks or fed from day tanks. Auto start standard on most. Auto transfer switches available. Weight of these units is substantial. Typically three phase 120/208, 240 or 480VAC 60hz. Can be special order for single phase 120/240 and 50hz.