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35-115 kW Diesel Generators bare bones or fully loaded choice is yours!


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Perkins Powered Diesel generators


Perkins 100 kW Diesel generator

Perkins 40-100kW Diesel Generators


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Call about 100kW Isuzu special we curently have materials to build four more like these with short lead time!


Isuzu Diesel generator 100 kW line




Multiquip Diesel Generators, the rental industry standard!



Multiquip Diesel Generator information



Typical uses include large homes ranches and farms. Can provide back up power for places such as convenience store, doctor's office, buildings, etc. Standard configuration is three phase 60hz 120/208, 240 & 480. It is not uncommon however to use as single phase in this size range. Can be easily trailer mounted. Also available in rental grade.