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Isuzu Military grade Diesel generators.


What is Mil grade? Simply put... it's the best. Engineered for the military and priced for the public. Hardy Diesel is proud to announce an exclusively arrangement with a large defense contractor featuring Isuzu powered enclosed Diesel generators at a low low price. These are military grade, absolute top of the line, Made in USA. Sound attenuated. These are loaded Diesel generators. The best part is for a limited time, these hand crafted beauties can be had for less than the price of a regular Diesel generator set. Buy now and save. You will not be disappointed!


Item Description Price
Isuzu mil spec 12 kW enclosed sound attenuated
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Isuzu mil spec 16 kW enclosed sound attenuated
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Isuzu mil spec 21 kW enclosed sound attenuated
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Leveled aluminum top with edge gutters on both sides to disperse moisture. Huck riveted skid containment base with large hole lifting points is efficient and durable. Heavy-duty-cast-iron-spring-loaded-exhaust-cap protects the engine from water damage. Weather tight radiator access point on top for easy service.


Larger View: Isuzu enclosed image!


Isuzu military spec Diesel generator


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Plastic fuel cell with fuel gauge included. Prevents corrosion. Pick up and return fuel cell also features an extra port that can be used for an alarm or automatic day tank filler. Military grade wire loom prevents high voltage wiring from potential hazards. Optional 120V AC block heater for rapid reliable start in extreme conditions. Neoprene isolators protect against vibration and reduce noise. Oil drain cock brass ball valve and skid base exit for easy oil change.


Larger View: Isuzu diesel generator inside right image

Isuzu mil spec reture image


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Baffled rear air intake makes for a quiet package estimated @ 65db 21 feet away. Comes complete with battery, battery tray, battery hold down and battery cables. Brass ball valve engine coolant drain cock for ease of service. Engine oil line drain hose exits bottom of the door for clean oil changes.


Larger View: Isuzu diesel generator inside left image

Isuzu Diesel generator military spec left open view


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Included in this package is Dynagen Auto start and mounted circuit breaker.


Larger View: Isuzu control panel image

Isuzu inside view


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Attention to detail is noticeable through out. Notice the easy access and the clean wiring behind the Dynagen GSC 300 digital auto start engine controller. Another example of the craftsmanship that goes into these Diesel generators.


Larger View: inside of dynagen control panel image


Isuzu Diesel generator militarty spec wireing image


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Another view of the fully self contained full featured quiet Isuzu Military grade Diesel generator. You will not find this quality for this price anywhere else. We are proud to offer the best at a low bargain price.


Larger View: Isuzu diesel generator enclosed image


Isuzu Diesel generator enclosed side 45 degree view


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Shown here is the documentation included with our Isuzu powered mil spec Diesel generator line. Keys are for the lockable light weight removable aluminum doors. Mecc Alte Spa brushless alternators are made in Italy like the Ferrari. The ECO Mecc Alte is absolute top of the line. Isuzu Diesel engines have the best warranty in the business.


Larger View: Isuzu diesel generator documentation image

Isuzu Diesel generator documentation image.


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Conclusion: If you want the best for less money than the rest, you will be happy with our Mil spec Isuzu line. I cannot say enough about the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and everyone of these units. The prices however are for a limited time. Isuzu has raised their engine prices so buy now and take advantage of this unique opportunity to own one of these fine pieces of machinery



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Click here to view Isuzu 26kW Diesel Generator Spec Sheet
Click here to view Dynagen GSC 300 Manual
Click here to view MeccAlte ECO brushless alternator manual


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