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Isuzu Powered 8-23 kW Diesel generators.


Isuzu Diesel engines are legendary. People who have owned one typically do not want to buy anything else other than when it comes time to replace or add another Diesel generator.



Isuzu Diesel generator inage right rear

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Isuzu Engine model
8 kW
3CB1 Diesel engine
12 kW
3CE1 Diesel engine
20.8 kW
S4L2 Diesel engine


Note: design has changed slightly see drawings at bottom of page will update images soon thank you for you patience.


Diesel generator line


Enclosures available

Enclosed Isuzu Diesel generators


Diesel generator line



The Hardy Diesel Isuzu line is an economical way to own a genuine Isuzu. Smooth running and quiet. The Hardy Diesel Isuzu powered Diesel generator sets will last you a lifetime. These are top of the line Diesel generator sets that come standard with key start. Remote start is optional. If you like Isuzu, you will love these units. They are basic, but you get a high quality Isuzu powered Diesel generator for less than you would expect with Auto start option available. We use Mecc-Alte brushless alternators on the units. Mecc-Alte is currently the only major brushless alternator we know of in the US that is not made in China. It is made in Italy like the Ferrari.


Diesel generator line


Running slow at 1800 RPM, they will produce electric power continuously without problems or need for rest. Shown below with Key start. 20kW and up come standard with rubber mounts.


Isuzu Diesel generator right rear image



Diesel generator line


These are prime power Diesel generators capable of extended run time limited only by the amount of clean Diesel fuel and the need for routine maintenance such as oil change and fuel filter replacement.

Isuzu Diesel generator image right front

Diesel generator line


If you need reliable electric energy at a low price, this is a great choice. The Hardy Diesel Isuzu generator line is simple to operate and maintain.


Isuzu Diesel generator image left rear


8 kW Isuzu drawings, weight, and dimension
10 kW Isuzu drawings, weight, and dimension
12 kW Isuzu drawings, weight, and dimension
20 kW Isuzu drawings, weight, and dimension


Isuzu Diesel generator