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Yanmar Marine Diesel generators low prices and high quality!

Yanmar marine Diesel generators. Heat exchanger/fresh water cooled Yanmar Marine Diesel generators offer a great value in the marine Diesel generator market. Nobody beats or pricing on high quality Yanmar marine Diesel generators guaranteed! Hardy Diesel guarantees low price and high quality marine Diesel generators!

Item Engine Generator Price
Yanmar 7kW Marine Yanmar 3TNE68 SKG Gen End $9425
Yanmar 9kW Marine Yanmar 3TNE74 SKG Gen End $9825

7 kW Yanmar marine Diesel generator

Pictured below is our 7 kW yanmar marine diesel generator. It is rubber mounted and features a stainless steel base that is well suited for harsh marine environments. Low maintenance and long life are good reasons to consider this low cost Yanmar marine Diesel generator.

Yanmar 7 kw marine diesel generator


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9 kW Yanmar Marine Diesel generator

Below is the 9kW Yanmar marine Diesel generator. At only $300 more than the 7 kW, it is a great value. These high quality Yanmar marine Diesel generators love to work and are an ideal marine Diesel generator where high quality and low cot are priority one.

Yanmar 9 kW marine Diesel generator


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Yanmar Marine Diesel generator Accessory Kit

Both the 7 and 9 kW Yanmar marine Diesel generators come with a free $500. accessory package. Free Yanmar marine Diesel accessory kit includes all items shown below. Wow now that is a deal!

Our Yanmar marine Diesel generators come standard with marine Diesel heat exchanger cooling system and water cooled manifold. They also come with water cooled exhaust as well as interlocking isolation mounts and stainless steel containment tray. Notice oil drain extension for easy maintenance. For a limited time, receive a free analog gauge package with ten foot extension harness for convenient installation. Also for a limited time, buy a Yanmar marine Diesel and get a free spare parts backup kit for safe boating.


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Thank you for considering our Yanmar Marine Diesel generators. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you decide which one is right for your Marine application.


Yanmar Marine 7kW Specifications


Yanmar Marine 9kW Specifications