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WhisperWatt DCA20SPX Diesel generator


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Prime Rating: 20 kW (20kVA)
Standby Rating: 22 kW (22kVA)
60 Hertz

WhisperWatt DCA20SPX drawing



Performance Data
Prime Rating 20 kW
Standby Rating 22 kW
Generator RPM 1800
Voltage - Single Phase 120/240 V
Generator Design Revolving field, Self-ventilated, Drip-proof, Single bearing
Voltage Regulation (No Load to Full Load) ±0.5%
Power Factor 1.0
Armature Connection Series
Excitation Brushless with AVR
No. Poles 4-pole
Frequency 60 Hz
Frequency Regulation (steady state load) ±3-5%
Sound Level (Full Load at 23 ft.) 63 dB(A)
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.


WhisperWatt DCA20SPX drawing


Standard Features:


Optional Generator Features:


Optional Control Features:


Optional Fuel Cell Features:


Generator Specifications
Design Revolving field, self ventilated, drip-proof, single bearing
Armature Connection Series
Excitation Brushless with AVR
Phase Single Phase (3-wire)
Standby Output 22KW (27.5 KVA)
Prime Output 20 KW (25 KVA)
Rated Voltage 120/240V
Power Factor 1.0
Voltage Regulation ±0.5%
Generator RPM 1800
Frequency 60 Hz
Number of Poles 4

Frequency Regulation:

Steady State

±0.5% of mean value for constant loads from no load to full load.
Insulation Class H
Sound Level dB(A) 63
Dry Weight 1,412 lbs. (640 kg)
Wet Weight 1,563 lbs. (709 kg)



Engine Specifications
Make Isuzu
Model BV-4LE2
Emissions EPA Interim Tier 4 Certified
Starting system Electric
Design 4-cycle, water cooled, Direct injection
Displacement 2,179cc
No. cylinders 4
Bore 85 mm
Stroke 96 mm
Gross Engine Power Output 34.3 hp (25.5kW)
BMEP 100 psi (691 kPa)
Piston Speed 1134 ft/min
Compression Ratio 18:1
Engine Speed 1800 rpm
Overspeed Limit 2100 rpm
Oil Capacity 2.25 gal (8.5 L)
Battery 12V 53Ah x 1


Fuel System
Fuel Tank Capacity 17 gal (65.0 L)
Diesel Fuel at % of Load gal/hr (L/hr)
100% 1.66 (6.3)
75% 1.21 (4.6)
50% 0.85 (3.2)
25% 0.58 (2.2)


Rated Voltage Max Amps
120V 83 X 2
240V 83
Main Line Circuit Breaker Rating 90 Amps




Isuzu Engine:

24 months or 2000 hours from date of purchase (whichever occurs first).

24 months or 2000 hours from date of purchase (whichever occurs first).
12 months excluding normal wear items.



Generator is not intended for use in enclosed areas or where free flow of air is restricted.

Backfeed to a utility system can cause electrocution and/or property damage. Do not connect to any building’s electrical system except through an approved device.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.



WhisperWatt DCA20SPX Spec Sheet


DCA20SPX operators manual