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Hardy Diesel Customer Feedback


Hardy Diesel has dedicated a page to our customers that want to share their shopping experience and feedback. Below are some real examples of customers that have bought a Hardy Diesel Product.



Hardy Diesel John Deere powered 11kW Diesel Generator.


This 11kW generator is currently being used in Niger, Africa to power a mission in the Sahara. Read the customer testimonial below:


"My name is Rodrigo Rivas and me and my family have been missionaries in Niger, Africa for more than 8 years. It is incredible how electricity can make a difference. Niger is a country which does not produce energy, but buys it from neighboring countries like Nigeria. For 7 years we have lived without a generator so when there was an energy outage we had to sleep on the patio, terrace or porch. Niger is a country on the Sahara so you can imagine how hot it can easily be, even 100 degrees at night. This last year, God blessed us with a baby and THE LINK organization I work with in Niger helped us have a Hardy Diesel generator which is going to be a blessing to us. Sometimes electricity could go off for more than 3 hours, even our food in the fridge would get bad. Now is going to be a different story thanks to our Hardy Diesel generator" - Rodolfo Rivas.




This generator was puchased on June 10th, 2011 and was shipped to Africa. Shipping to Africa by a certain date was very important to Mr. Rivas, but Hardy Diesel was able to deliver the generator just in time. The generator was installed by local electricians and it is used to power a mission. It is running great in a desert climate, providing a reliable source of electricity. Mr. Rivas and his family are very happy with their Hardy Diesel purchase.