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Hardy Diesel Perkins Powered 15 & 20kW


Shown below is the powerful Perkins powered 15 kW Diesel generator, identical to the 20 kW other than size of the alternator. Capable of much more than most 15kW Diesels from other manufacturers. The 15 and the 20 kW both share the same 404D-22G Diesel engine. This efficient four cylinder water cooled engine exceeds current emissions and fuel economy standards. The Perkins 404D-22G is naturally aspirated (no turbo). Scroll down to see other Perkins powered 15 kW Diesel generator images.


25 kW Perkins


Click on images for extra large 1024 view available on most.


Perkisn 15 kW Diesel generator right front view


25 kW Perkins


Most companies try to squeeze a 15 kW out of a 403D15G not Hardy Diesel we make a monster 15 using the same 403D22G WOW now that's a healthy 15!

Perkins right rear

25 kW Perkins


Circuit breaker protected an option other companies charge for.

Perkins 15kW Diesel  generator lr


25 kW Perkins


Made in the US click on image for larger view! This generator is designed to generate high quality electricity.

Perkins 15 kW top view


25 kW Perkins



Perkins Diesel 15 kW front view



25 kW Perkins


Bottom line, Hardy Diesel Perkins powered Diesel generators are the best of the best. They are built in the USA alongside these Mil spec beauties using the same engines and quality control processes.


Perkins Mil spec


Pricing and other information check out Perkins 8-30 kW page!