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Diesel generator made in the USA Perkins and Isuzu Diesel Generators

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Perkins Powered Diesel Generators 8 to 30kW Free shipping



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Hardy Diesel Customers Win with More Diesel Generator Options and Services
Southwest Products corporation (SWP) acquires assets of Hardy Diesel. For years now, SWP has been manufacturing many of the generators sold by Hardy. Hardy Diesel continues to be a leading online supplier of generators and accessories. SWP is pleased to expand our offerings to both new and existing customers. Visit:



Perkins 8-30kW generator information!

Preparedness off grid energy systems!

Paul senior with perkins

Used and Endorsed by Paul Senior.

Off grid energy system Prepare for the worst hope for the best!

40-115 kW Perkins Powered generators!

Hi Performance Generators 30kW-2 meg

Perfect for oil fields.

Hi Performance Generators

No other line offers more for less!



Perkins 40-115 kW Perkins generators durable in extreme work environments such as Oil fields. The best Diesel generator line!




Kubota packaged Diesel generators!



Kubota 12 kW open



Kubota Brand Diesel generators!


Kubota Generators




Best of the Best! Isuzu Mil Spec style Diesel generator. Vinyl coated aluminum, super silent, ultra efficient Diesel generator sets. Great prices! Extended warranty available.


Isuzu Diesel generator mil spec


Isuzu enclosed Diesel Generator



Yanmar Diesel generators. Always high quality and low cost. Available as an open or enclosed unit. Super quiet @ 63 db enclosed!


Yanmnar quiet Diesel generatorYanmar quiet diesel generator image


Yanmar Diesel Generator Details


DynaGen Auto transfer switches. 100-1250A

DynaGen Transfer switchesDynaGen transfer switch logo


Transfer switches single and three phase



Hardy Diesel Generators powered by John Deere engines come open or enclosed. 40-500 kW now available. These are high end John Deere Diesel generators built in the USA at extremely low prices.


John Deere generator thumb nail


Hardy Diesel Generators powered by John Deere Engines



Volvo 500 kW low ball deal of the year. Only one left at this price! One year unlimited hour Volvo warranty.


Volvo 500kW Diesel Generators


Volvo powered Diesel generator 500 kW



Hardy Diesel Isuzu powered 7-23 kW basic Diesel Generators.


Isuzu powered 7-23kW Diesel Generator


Isuzu Diesel generator image thumnail


Generator Ends, sometimes referred to as Cans, Dynamos, Windings, Machines or Brushless Alternators. Whatever you want to call them, we have them at low prices.


Additional info: Generator Ends




Diesel Generators

Since 1977 Hardy Diesel & Equipment has been buying, building & selling Diesel Generators wholesale direct. We, at Hardy Diesel, invented wholesale direct Diesel generator sales. We cut out the middleman and deliver top of the line generators at bottom line pricing. When you get your Diesel generator from Hardy Diesel you know you are getting the best product at the best price. We only sell top quality products at low discount prices. Whenever possible our generators and components are made in the US. We currently offer Diesel electric generators ranging from 7kW to 800kW. Larger industrial Diesel generator sets available upon request. If it is a Diesel generator and it exists? We know where to get it. Our line of small Diesel generators are typically used for off grid electric so they must be reliable. Surely they can be used for emergency back up, construction or any other application where reliability is important. Our large Diesel generators are typically used for Industrial back up or construction. Prime power is what we are about.

Prime Power Diesel Generators

At Hardy Diesels and Equipment, Prime power is our minimum grade of Diesel generator sets offered. Please do not mistake our minimum standard for low standard. Prime power is typically the best that most companies offer. What does prime power mean? Well it means that these Diesel generator sets can be run twenty four hours a day 365 days a year. Of course they must be stopped for oil changes and routine maintenance. Prime power Diesel generators can be relied on for economical electric energy over extended periods of time. There are sound attenuated versions with noise levels as low as 68 decibels. The only thing better is critical grade.

Rental grade Diesel Generators

Rental grade generator sets are similar to prime power with the major difference being they are usually trailer mounted and almost always have a rotary voltage selector switch. These rotary switches are used to switch between 120/240 VAC single phase 120/208 VAC three phase 240 VAC three phase and 480 three phase. Some of the larger industrial diesel generators even go to 600 VAC. 600V is typically used in Canada rarely if ever in the US. Although most Diesel generators above 30 kW have three phase windings, they can produce single phase 120/240 VAC. It can also be selected with the rotary voltage selector knob however only two thirds capacity is available in this setting. Another thing you will find on a rental grade Diesel generator set is containment base. In other words, there is a basin built into the skid with a capacity to contain all fluids contained in a Diesel engine.

Critical Grade Diesel Generators

A critical grade Diesel generator must not fail and must not be heard. We offer them as quiet as 48 dB. These Diesel generators were originally designed for movie studios. For that reason they are often referred to as Movie Studio Generators. Small critical grade Diesel generators are perfect for homes where noise is critical. Large Critical grade Diesel generators can be used anywhere reliability and noise levels are critical. They are often used for large concerts, entertainment events and industrial applications. They can be paralleled with separate fuel supplies and parallel switch gear so that there is minimal chance for failure. In this configuration if one goes down the other will continue on without interruption. Critical grade small & large Diesel generators are often used by the military as well in situation where silence and reliability are extremely important.

Transfer Switches

Manual and automatic transfer switches are used for emergency or planned back up. They are required by law in the United States if a Diesel generator is to be used in conjunction with the utility company. What they do is provide a fail-safe method of separating the utility company from the back up generator. Sometimes called a double-throw transfer switch because there is a neutral position that disengages between the Utility and Generator position. We only sell nema UL listed transfer switches. The main difference between an auto transfer switch and a manual transfer switch is the Auto transfer switch will automatically switch over and signal for your generator to start in the event of an electric grid failure. Many auto transfer switches also have an exercise mode that will start your generator at programmed intervals to assure it will be ready in the event of an emergency.

Diesel Power Generator

A Diesel generator from Hardy Diesel is a wise investment whether you need it for back up or Prime power. Our Diesel power generators are priced well below the competition. We run a low overhead operation which allows us to sell top quality products a rock bottom prices. A Diesel power generator will outlast a propane power generator by 20 to one. Not only that but a Diesel generator is more economical to run. Diesel fuel has more BTU (British thermal unit) than gasoline or propane. That is why the fuel economy of a Diesel power generator is roughly double. The reason a Diesel generator lasts so much longer is that Diesel is actually a light grade oil. Gas fuels on the other hand are solvent based fuels. On a Diesel power generators the fuel itself actually lubricates and prevents wear.

Diesel Generator kW

Diesel generator kW (k=1000 W= Watt) is typically produces at a lower RPM. Example 8kW =8000 Watts. It takes 1.5 horsepower to make one kW. Turning at a slow 1800 RPM a Diesel generator kW requires large displacement. Most gas and even some Diesel generators run at 3600 RPM. This is considered high speed throw away generators. Initial cost on these is low however they wear out quick and are not worth fixing. We only sell Diesel generators that run at 1800 RPM. Diesel generator kW produced from 1800 RPM engines and generators last almost indefinitely. That is why they are sometimes referred to as investment grade.