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Hardy Diesel Perkins Filter Kits


Hardy Diesel Perkins Filter Kits. If you have or are buying a Perkins Diesel generator, clean fuel is by far the most important thing other than oil changes. These Filter Kits are the absolute best money can buy. Call for pricing!!!



fuel filter kits



Oil and Diesel Filters


Oil abrasive particles wear out engine's elements before time contaminated diesel fuel causes excessive emissions and performance reduction. Therefore, filter is very important. It protects the engine and makes it last a long time keeping top performance. While working, the filter is subjected to a hostile environment: temperatures up to 150°. For this reason, you need new, efficient and reliable filters specially designed for Perkin Diesel Generators.



Stage 3 shown on a drum kit


Engine Description Price
Oil, fuel and air filter.
Oil, fuel and air filter.
Oil, fuel and air filter.
Oil, fuel and air filter.

Oil filters prevent particles entering the engine and causing excessive wear.

Perkins oil filters are manufactured to Perkins exact specification ensuring the

long life and reliability of the engine.