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Generator Ends

We guarantee lowest shipped price on Mecc-Alte, Stamford Newage, Leroy Somer Marathon and Lima Mac.

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Below is a chart that shows the measurements we will need in order to get you a generator end that will mount up to your engine correctly.

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Mecc-Alte Generator Ends

Mecc-Alte Spa has a long history of generator manufacturing. Mecc-Alte produces generator ends (synchronous alternators) ranging from 1-3000 KVA. Mecc-Alte has been manufacturing high quality generators since 1947. Mecc-Alte Spa is a world leader in generator production known for reliability and performance in extreme conditions. Current generator lineup includes Mecc-Alte ECON two pole generators single and three phase as well as four pole option both single and three phase. Mecc-Alte ECO series generator general information. Mecc-Alte Spa CSA certified generator ends.

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Marathon Electric Generator Logo

Marathon Generators

What makes the Marathon Electric approach unique? Proven top performers in every aspect. MAGNAPLUS® generators offer powerful performance, reliable power generation, and easy installation. With a full range of voltage regulator
configurations, MAGNAPLUS® provides application flexibility to meet unique installation requirements. Ruggedly constructed with solid state technology, Marathon’s SE350 voltage regulator included with all standard equipment is a solid performer.

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Stamford Newage logo

Stamford Newage Generators

Cummins Generator Technologies manufactures the world's broadest range of AC generators from 0.6 to 20,000 kVA under the MARKON®, STAMFORD® and AvK® product brands.

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Leroy Somer Logo

Leroy Somer Generators

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If you need more information please call or email. Here is a list of the things you should consider or know when ordering or planning to purchase a generator end.

1) Will you need a single phase or three phase generator end? Single phase is typical for a home 120/240V and is not typical over 35kW. Three phase is typical for industrial generators ends. Common three phase generator end voltages are 120/208, 240 and 480.

2) Will you need 50Hz or 60Hz? If you plan to use your generator end here in the US you will want 60Hz. If your plans are to use your generator in another country you will need to know what your country's frequency is. If you don't know, we have a list here. Voltage and frequency by country

3) Will you need a single or a double ball bearing generator end? If the engine that will power your generator has a pulley and you plan to belt drive the generator, you will need a two ball bearing. In most cases however, a generator end will be direct driven and bolted directly to the engine and you will need a single ball bearing. You will also need to know what the SAE (society of automobile engineering) bell housing size is on your engine. If you have the engine already, the best way to determine is to measure it. Here is a document that will show you what to measure and what it means. Generator bell housing sizing measurements.

Sometimes referred to as Cans, Dynamos, Windings, Machines or Brushless Alternators. Whatever you want to call them, we have them at low prices.We distribute Mecc-Alte, Stamford Newage, Marathon and Leroy Somer brushless alternators. We have the lowest shipped price guaranteed on these brands.

Single Ball bearing brushless Alternator

Single ball bearings are the most common. A single ball bearing brushless alternator has a single bearing at the back of the housing. A single ball bearing generator connects to an engine flywheel with a round sheet metal disk called a flex plate. Since the engine flywheel rotates on a fixed axis, there is no need for a ball bearing in the front of the alternator.

Two Ball bearing brushless Alternator

A two ball bearing brushless alternator, as you might have guessed, has a ball bearing in the front and the back of the housing. A two ball bearing brushless alternator is typically belt driven however there are rare situations where it can be coupled directly to an engine with a flex connector. A two ball bearing unit has a stub shaft for a pulley or a flex connector. One advantage of a two ball bearing is an engine can run at one speed and the generators can run at another.

Four Pole brushless Alternator

A four pole generator end produces its electricity at low rpm's. For 60 Hz, it runs at 1800RPM and for 50 Hz, it runs at 1500 RPM.

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Below is a list of the world's best generator ends. We are a direct distributor for all of them.


Stamford Newage Generators


Mecc-alte Spa Generators


Marathon Electric Generators


Leroy Somers Generators


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