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Diesel Generator Fuel Burn Calculator

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This calculator is considered accurate 65-100% load.


Fuel Consumption for Diesel Generators (60 Hz)

Enter kW Your fuel consumption is gallons per hour*.

*There is no exact formula. Each engine is unique and the manufacturer has a fuel consumption chart for each engine. With this in mind, we have come up with a general formula based on average fuel consumption of various diesel engines. Therefore, the numbers we used are: (gallons per hour) = .08433 x (kW of generator)


Fuel burn facts


There is 130,500 Btu (British thermal units) in a gallon of Diesel. In today's EPA restricted area all Diesel engines are burning all the fuel.


Question: Why do some engines burn more fuel than others at same load?


Answer: The biggest factor is cooling fan and water pump. For that reason a 100kW will burn more fuel at 10kW than a 10kW.


Question: Can I believe the manufactures spec sheets when it comes to fuel burn?


Answer: No there are no standards or regulations governing manufacture fuel burn. There are no standard conditions in which these tests are performed.