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Hardy Diesel Generators powered by Isuzu Engine


At Hardy Diesel we offer Diesel generators using genuine Isuzu engines.

Great prices on these units.



Isuzu Powered 8-23 kW


Isuzu Diesel engines are legendary. People who have owned one typically do not want to buy anything else other than when it comes time to replace or add another Diesel generator.


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Kubota super quiet


The Hardy Diesel Isuzu line is an economical way to own a genuine Isuzu. Smooth running and quiet. The Hardy Diesel Isuzu powered Diesel generator sets will last you a lifetime. These are top of the line Diesel generator sets that come standard with key start. Remote start is optional. If you like Isuzu, you will love these units. They are basic, but you get a high quality Isuzu powered Diesel generator for less than you would expect with Auto start option available. We use Mecc-Alte brushless alternators on the units. Mecc-Alte is currently the only major brushless alternator we know of in the US that is not made in China. It is made in Italy like the Ferrari.



Kubota 12 kW open



Kubota 12 kW open



100kW Isuzu Diesel Generator


Standby: 108kW

Prime: 102kW


Available as: Single or Three Phase

120/240 277/480 Voltage or other


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Isuszu Diesel generator right rear 45



Isuzu Military Grade


What is Mil grade? Simply put... it's the best. Engineered for the military and priced for the public. Hardy Diesel is proud to announce an exclusively arrangement with a large defense contractor featuring Isuzu powered enclosed Diesel generators at a low low price. These are military grade, absolute top of the line, Made in USA. Sound attenuated. These are loaded Diesel generators. The best part is for a limited time, these hand crafted beauties can be had for less than the price of a regular Diesel generator set. Buy now and save. You will not be disappointed!


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Kubota 12 kW open



Kubota 12 kW open


Kubota 12 kW open



Fuel Filter Kits


Hardy Ultimate Fuel Filter Kits. If you have or are buying a Diesel generator, clean fuel is by far the most important thing other than oil changes. These Ultimate Fuel Filter Kits are the absolute best money can buy and if you can afford it, by all means buy stage three. Shown below are the three kits assembled and ready to use. Kits are not shipped assembled.


Kubota 12 kW open


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We can design an off grid energy system using any of the high quality Hardy Diesel Perkins powered generators using high quality low cost American made alternative energy products.