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Hardy Diesel Kohler Powered Diesel Generator



Kohler Diesel generators offer heavy-duty power in a lightweight package. Available in both 60 Hz and 50 Hz. The exclusive Kohler Advanced Digital Control system ensures that the generator starts up smoothly and protects sensitive electronic equipment from voltage fluctuations. The ADC also provides remote monitoring of up to 13 fault conditions through the SAE L-1939 CAN Bus output.

Single-side access makes routine maintenance checks and serviceability easy.

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40 kW






Performance Data
Prime Rating 40 kW 40 kVA
Hertz 60 Hz
Alternator Type Brushless
Frequency Regulation (No load to full load) ±5.0 %
Voltage Regulation (No Load to Full Load) ±1.5 %
EPA Tier Level 3
Engine Yanmar
Cylinder Arrangement 4 inline
Engine RPM 1800rpm
Prime Fuel Consumption: Diesel
100% Load
3.6 gph
75% Load
2.7 gph

50% Load

2.0 gph
25% Load
1.3 gph
Battery 12V


Click here for HDKOH-40 spec sheet



Engine Features:



Generator Features:






A good American made Diesel fuel filter kit is by far the best investment that can be made with a Diesel generator. The Hardy Diesel ultimate fuel filter kits are by far the best choice available when it comes to critical performance. There are three stages to choose from. Each stage has over 366 sq inches of filter surface in each section..! All kits include four additional cartridges for each section all include a time and money saving filter wrench. No other fuel filter kits can compare! If it is in the budget buy stage 3 for the ultimate protection!


Diesel generator fuel filter kit!


fuel filter kits



We can design an off grid energy system using any of the high quality Hardy Diesel Perkins powered generators using high quality low cost American made alternative energy products.


off grid energy system