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Kubota Diesel Generators


At Hardy Diesel we offer both packaged Kubota Diesel generators using genuine Kubota engines as well as genuine Kubota packaged Kubota built and powered units. The choice is yours.


Click here for Kubota Full Line Brochure



Hardy Diesel packaged Kubota powered 7kW


This baby is rated at an amazing 62 db. It is a high quality low speed 1800 RPM water cooled Diesel generators featuring a single ball bearing brushless alternator and a Deep Sea auto start engine controller.


Kubota super quiet



Kubota 1800 RPM water cooled 7kW amazing 62dB $7,920



Kubota GL Series LowBoy 2 Diesel generators


The Kubota LowBoy 2 series Diesel generators are Kubota base water cooled offering. @ 3600 RPM most manufactures would not be capable of long life. Not the GL series. These little guys will last a life time if properly maintained.



Kubota LowBoy 2

Kubota GL Lowboy 2 Diesel Generators



Kubota 12kW open!



Kubota 12 kW open



Kubota KJ Series Diesel generators


The Kubota KJ Series is Kubota's Base model enclosed water cooled 1800 RPM Diesel generator. Still loaded compared to other manufactures the Kubota comes in at about 75 DB noise level.



Kubota KJ Series

Kubota KJ Series Diesel Generators



Kubota SQ Series Diesel generators


The Kubota SQ series is their top of the line fully loaded offering. At around 64db these are considered extremely quiet for this size range. Sizes ranging from 14-33kW. What you have here is Japanese engineering at its best at prices that will surprise you!


Kubota SQ series Diesel generators


Kubota SQ Super Quiet series Diesel Generators



Kubota 28kW


Kubota 28kW