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Kubota SQ Series Diesel Generators


Hardy Diesel is proud to offer the Kubota KJ Series Diesel generators.


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Kubota SQ series set






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Model kW Decibel Price
13.5 63 Call Now: 1-800-341-7027
20.6 64 Call Now: 1-800-341-7027
21/19.5 3p/1p 65 Call Now: 1-800-341-7027
26/24 3P/1P 65 Call Now: 1-800-341-7027
Auto Start Module Installed   Call Now: 1-800-341-7027


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Generator Accessories


Description Price
1 Axle Highway Trailer
Call Now
2 Axle HighWay Trailer
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50 Gallon Base Fuel Tank
Call Now
100 Gallon Base Fuel Tank
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Kubota Super quiet


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Kubota SQ Series control panel

Kubota sq series open door


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Kubota SQ 14 spec sheet
Kubota SQ 21 spec sheet
Kubota SQ 26 spec sheet
Kubota SQ 33 spec sheet
Kubota Generator warranty