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Perkins Diesel Generators


At Hardy Diesel we offer Perkins Diesel generators using genuine Perkins engines.

Great low prices on these units.


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Perkins 7-33kW

Perkins 40-100kW

Perkins 140-175kW

Perkins UL Listed



Hardy Diesel Perkins Powered Diesel Generators


Some of the most fuel efficient generators thanks in part to advanced thermal management and efficient cooling. Revolutionary simple design makes for an economical engine generator package. Please scroll down and see entire page. You will find plenty of accurate pictures and information to help you make important decisions. Order now before price increase!


Kubota super quiet


Hardy Diesel Perkins powered Diesel generators. Built using the Perkins current D series. Smooth and quiet running Diesel engines Made in the USA. Nothing is better ...believe me, these are the best money can buy at a wholesale direct price. Perkins a Caterpillar company.




Kubota LowBoy 2




Hardy Diesel Perkins powered bare bones Diesel generators are built with efficiency in mind. No other design offers as much function for less money. They include steel hat channel design with neoprene isolators and auto start. The latest Perkins Diesel engine designed and manufactured by Caterpillar and made in America. We use high quality Mecc-Alte brushless alternators made in Italy.



Kubota 12 kW open



UL Listed Perkins Diesel



Kubota KJ Series




We can design an off grid energy system using any of the high quality Hardy Diesel Perkins powered generators using high quality low cost American made alternative energy products.





Genuine Perkins Filter Kits


Perkins filter Kits! Stock up and save! The key to long life is routine maintenance.



Perkins filter kit information