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Transfer Switches

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DynaGen Auto transfer switches. 100-1250A

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Engineered for the Highest Reliability possible. DynaGen engineers had one clear design goal for our new Vigilant Series: Find that precise point at which the highest possible quality and the most needed features would combine to provide the lowest overall installed cost.


Transfer switches, single and three phase


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Asco Series 185 Transfer Switches

ASCO Series 185 Power Transfer Switches are suitable for residential and light commercial operations with portable or permanently mounted standby generators supporting loads up to 400 Amperes. For larger loads and three-phase applications, the ASCO Series 300 product line is available.

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Asco 185 Series Transfer Switches Information


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Asco 300 Series Transfer switches.
Commercial & Light Industrial

Automatically transfer critical loads in the event of a power outage with the ASCO 300 Series. Rugged construction and proven performance assure the user of many years of reliability. It is also designed to handle the extraordinary demands placed on the switch when starting or restarting installed motors and switching high inrush loads.

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Asco 300 Series Transfer Switches Information


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Asco 4000 Series Transfer switches



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Asco 7000 Series Transfer switches

Mission Critical Critical power


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Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are used to switch between utility and generator back up. They are sometimes referred to as double throw transfer switches. What that means is there is a utility position, a neutral position, and a generator position. The idea is that with a properly installed transfer switch it is impossible to be connected to the grid and the generator at the same time. This serves two purposes. First of, it prevents a line man or power company employee who may be working on a line from being electrocuted from the generator. Secondly, it keeps the electricity produced by the generator from being shared with your neighbors. Bottom line, if you are installing a generator for back up power you need a transfer switch.

Transfer Switch Sizing

Transfer switches must be sized according to the generator or the service, whichever is larger. For example, if you have a 200 Amp service but you only have a 8kW generator (8,000 divided by 240V= 33 amps) you still need a 200 amp transfer switch. The other option would be to sub out the critical loads to be powered by the generator.

Manual Transfer Switches

Manual transfer switches are manually operated. In other words, when the power goes out, a person needs to be present in order to start the generator and then manually operate the transfer switch. Some people prefer this type for several reasons. The first reason is cost. As a general rule a manual transfer switch is much cheaper than an automatic transfer switch. The second reason is some people prefer to be there when an engine starts. There is something to be said for being present.

Auto Transfer Switches

Auto transfer switches will automatically start up a generator and transfer the circuit without the need for anyone to be present. Most Auto transfer switches also have an exercise module built in. The exercise mode can be programmed to start the generator and transfer loads periodically for exercise. The reason being is that if a problem should develop it is better to find out about it before the power goes out.

Residential Transfer Switches

Residential or Home transfer switches can be manual or automatic. Typically residential transfer switches are single phase up to 200 Amps. Most home owners prefer an automatic transfer switch. An auto transfer switch will automatically start a generator when the power goes out and switch a home safely from grid connected utility power over to generator power. A transfer switch is a requirement when using a generator for back up power when a home is connected to the electrical grid.

Commercial transfer switches

Commercial transfer switches are typically three phase high amperage. Commercial transfer switches are almost always automatic. Hospitals for example are all required to have a back up generator and a transfer switch. Banks and casinos also all have back up power with a commercial transfer switch.