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Hardy Diesel Wacker Neuson Diesel generators


Compact, sound-attenuated generator provides single and three-phase power for construction, commercial, industrial and special event applications where quiet, reliable power is needed. A solid state digital information center monitors generator output and engine functions plus provides protection against engine and generator faults as well as standard automatic remote starting for standby applications. Skid-mounted units feature a fully integrated, large capacity fuel tank for long run times, even without a trailer.


Perkins powered 15 kW and 20

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14 & 25 kW | 50, 70 & 100 kW | 120, 150, 180 & 240 kW



kW Engine Gen/End Lbs. Price
Kubota Stamford 1603


Isuzu Mecc Alte 2332
John Deere Mecc Alte 3762
John Deere Mecc Alte 4069
John Deere Mecc Alte 6137
John Deere Mecc Alte 6163
John Deere Mecc Alte 8302
John Deere Mecc Alte 8313
John Deere Mecc Alte 9434


perkins generator


Wacker Neuson use Basler controller with 4 year warranty, Changeable between English or Spanish!

Wacker Neuson Basler controller

perkins generator


Simultaneous usable convenience panel in 240v 1 ph, 208 v or 460 volt three phase.


Wacker Neuson control panel


perkins generator


Additional Options


Accessory Description Price
Skid Base
Extended Tank
Battery Charger
Engine Block Heater
Low Coolant Shutdown
Extreme Temp LCD Heater
Lube Level Maintainer



perkins generator


Wacker Neuson Diesel generators feature standard double wall baffled 115% containment fuel cells standard! Load bank and dielectric tested before ever leaving the factory.

Perkins galvanized enclosure



perkins generator



Another Wacker Neuson advantage is Supper high ambient 50 degree C, 122 Degree F means these units will not overheat when the competition does.


perkins generator


perkins generator


Extra large access doors feature wash and wipe insulation will last longer than foam type. Standard oversized class H insulated alternators for reliability and heat displacement. Notice standard voltage selector switch safely located inside engine compartment away from dirt and vibration.


Wacker nueson large access door


perkins generator




Diesel gnerator line


Interlocking safety switch standard. If someone opens the door while the generator set is running it will shut down to prevent electrocution.


Wacker Neuson generator bond bar safety switch


Diesel generator line


Optional cold weather arctic fluid driven shutter system opens when fluid reaches 170 degree f


Wacker Neuson Diesel generator shutter system


Factory installed system includes: Electronic governor, LCD heater, Lube leveller (G50-G240), Low coolant level shut down, Block heater, 1000 cold cranking amp battery, Battery disconnect switch, and fluid containment.


Diesel generator line



Below is an illustration of a simple but effective way to contain sound when installing a generator. The most important thing to consider is there should be no direct line of sight in or out of the building. It is important not to restrict the flow so no part of either duct volume should be smaller than 1.5 times the air passage through the radiator. A little bit of sound insulation in the right spots will go a long ways! Long distance and or sharp corners make it necessary to increase duct size.


Diesel generator shed


This shed design is also ideal for off grid energy systems


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Wacker 25kW product information


Wacker 50kW product information


Wacker 70kW product information


Wacker 100kW product information


Wacker 120kW product information


Wacker 150kW product information


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